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The first paleo & vegan banana stand in Montrose, CO! 

Gourmet, frozen, chocolate dipped bananas & more! Brrrnana is committed to making your dessert experience healthy and sweet. 
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Treat Delivery & Pick Up Now Available! 

Boxes of frozen, chocolate dipped bananas or chocolate dipped strawberries are NOW AVAILABLE for delivery & pick up! For really special occasions, go big and order our gourmet, "chocuterie" dessert box!  

The finer things

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Processed sugar- no thank you

Eating a lot of refined, added sugars can lead to headaches, low energy levels, and inflammation. Brrrnana is here to add a healthier option to your event menu! We proudly serve Hu dark chocolate with a healthier, paleo & vegan friendly ingredient list!

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Mission compost

The food industry has an easy option when it comes to waste, yet less than 15% of restaurant food is collected for compost. Brrrnana composts 100% of its food waste, strives to purchase ingredients from suppliers with compostable & recyclable packaging and uses supplies like compostable food gloves & spoons. 

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Brrrnana Catering

Offer your guests a healthy dessert for a change! Take a look at our catering packages to learn more about how you can add a unique banana stand experience to your event. Brrrnana takes care of all the set up/clean up and the food service. You just party!

Eat Less Sugar. You're Already Sweet Enough. 

It's about more than just bananas...

Hola! I'm the founder, owner & operator of Brrrnana, LLC. I created Brrrnana so I could employ my entrepreneurial spirit while fueling a few of my passions and most importantly, try to make a difference when it comes to running a small business. I enjoy connecting with people and inspiring them to make positive changes in their life- like eating healthier and working to take better care of our planet! These are two habits (among others) I believe are crucial to us now and for generations to come.

I have always taken pride in feeding my children healthy foods. A few years ago I began exploring healthier desserts at home with their favorite breakfast food: bananas! As you would imagine, my kids became super excited for all things frozen banana + chocolate. Their excitement was good enough for me! Thus began the organic development of "how can I turn all this in to a business that also fits my parenting schedule?"

In addition to serving up healthier treats, I promised myself I would do business sustainably- to the best of my ability.  That means composting as much as possible, responsible supply shipping and soon... using solar power for production! Brrrnana is also an avenue for community engagement & exploration. Be sure to check out the Events page! 

May we eat a sh*tload of bananas, enjoy healthy chocolate, compost together and inspire each other to take care of our earth... one event at a time!

~ Bri, Owner of Brrrnana

Briana Taylor, Brrrnana owner, Montrose banana stand